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Writing & Directing

As a Black, queer, and neurodivergent person,  my experiences have always felt most understood through one genre: horror.  Historically, horror has not chosen to centre the experiences of marginalised peoples, which is, ironically, why I have always been drawn to it. In interacting with horror content, I've always related to the characters who are 'othered' - the villains, the monsters, the characters who were born with something undeniably and inexplicably 'wrong' with them. This is why I have been primarily drawn to horror as a writer; in reclaiming the horror space, and finally bringing subtext and coding into the foreground, I aim to create a place to explore other less charted topics of conversation as well.  I am dedicated to telling stories that have not been told before.



Regardless of whether or not I am writing horror, there is always a horror to what I am writing, because I believe that being at least a little bit scared is key to digging at who we are and what it means to be alive in this world. My comedy is often riddled with a sense of anxiety or existential dread because these are things that make me feel less alone when I see them within characters.

Featured Credits


Goodbye Mr. Wilde (in post-production)


mannequin (2021) - writer & director home bodies (2021) - writer & co-director Goodbye Mr. Wilde (2022) - director 'haunted' - Sharehouse episode (2022) - writer Consume - (2023) (in development) - writer & director Angel (2023) (in pre-production) - writer

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