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Writing & Directing

I’ve always been attracted to content that offers a unique lens on universal emotions and experiences. As a Black, queer, neurodivergent person, I know that there are so many untold stories and unheard perspectives that have the potential to reach a wide audience but are not offered the platform to do so. In my work, I want to spotlight diverse viewpoints while centering sentiments that we can all connect to.

I’m interested in creating stories that explore the transformative and formative periods in our lives and the honest, unpolished emotions that come with these times. I aim to always make audiences feel seen, even in the more confusing, uncomfortable, embarrassing experiences in life. I want to spark honest conversations about our relationship with sex and our bodies, our need to impress other people, and mental illnesses that remain highly stigmatized, to give some examples. I’m also really passionate about telling queer stories, particularly content about queer people of color which is a typically underrepresented intersection of identities. 

Featured Credits (Screen)


Goodbye Mr. Wilde (in post-production)

Accolades (Theatre)

ATYP's National Studio (2023)

ATYP's Foundation Commission (2023) - Longlisted


mannequin (2021) - writer & director home bodies (2021) - writer & co-director Goodbye Mr. Wilde (2022) - director 'haunted' - Sharehouse episode (2022) - writer Consume - (2023) - writer & director

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