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Production & Costume Design

I'm a visual thinker, and so I've always been intrigued by how much design choices can unearth, add to, or recontextualise a character or place's journey. As a viewer, I'm the sort of person who will scrutinise the leaflets stuck up on the fridge or which side of the bed the dresser is on in order to learn more about the story that I'm engaging with. As a production designer, I challenge myself to dig as deep as I possibly can into the internal universes of the characters that I'm constructing a world around.


For this reason, I'm particularly drawn to work that deals with moments of transition or discovery, such as coming-of-age stories. I also love to explore content that gives me the opportunity to find truth and connections within worlds that could potentially feel disconnected from our world otherwise, such as period pieces, horror, and sci-fi/fantasy. Essentially, my practice revolves around discovering authenticity and honesty within my design.

Featured Credits


Wrong Love (2021) - production & costume designer Tongue Tide (2022) - art department assistant Fraser Babies (2022) - production & costume designer Onyeka (2022) - art department assistant CRUSHING (2022) - production & costume designer Iron Lung (2022) - costume designer Flickerfest 2023 Trailer - art department assistant It Takes A Village (2023) (in production) - production designer Off Kilter (2023) (in production) - production & costume designer Bridges (2023) (in production) - costume designer Caustic (2023) (in production) - production & costume designer

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