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Aliyah Knight


Hello! I'm Aliyah, and I'm an emerging writer, director, & production designer. As a writer/director, I'm passionate about creating queer content that explores themes of coming of age, mental health, identity issues, and relationships in subversive and unexpected ways. As a production designer, I am interested in unpacking and interrogating unique perspectives and worlds, using thoughtful design choices to add complexity to the characters and stories that I am working with.



I am currently developing 'Consume', a lesbian horror short that I'll be directing in late 2023. I'm also writing 'Angel', a queer body horror short being shot in Wales in late 2023.

Writing & directing


I'm currently working on two proof-of-concepts, It Takes a Village and Off Kilter, which are being shot in May. I'm also designing Caustic, a 15-minute short film about colourism and beauty standards.

Production & costume design
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